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Best Toy Storage Options To Tame the Jungle of Toys

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Hello Kitty Storage on

The Holiday Hangover is slowly going away and in its stead I am surrounded in a sea of toys. I always said that I would not let the Tiny Dancer take over the house, but somehow, exactly that has happened. At any given moment I have the potential of breaking my ankle on any number of toys. This drives me crazy not only because of the health hazards but because I’m a bit of a neat freak. It makes my brain hurt to see toys everywhere. I went from picking up after the Tiny Dancer constantly to just dealing with toys during the day and having one major clean up at night before bed. Regardless of how many times you clean up you need a place for all the toys.

I recently realized that to accommodate the growing toy population I needed to get some more toy storage. I started looking online and was relieved to see that there were many options in many styles and price ranges. Choosing the best toy storage will come down to style and function. Will the toy storage be in the kids’ room or a shared space with adults? If it will be in the kids’ room then you can choose character based items (or not). If it’s in a space shared with adults you may want items that are subtle and maybe even double as a bench. Also, consider how much storage you need. Some options are finite in the amount of storage space they have, while others are modular and you can add to them. Before you make a final decision, remember to go through the old toys and try to get rid of some of the toys they’ve outgrown or are tired of. There are plenty of kids (or future siblings or cousins) that could use them so don’t be afraid to donate or recycle them!

toy storage

Character-Decorated Storage Pieces from Toys R US

toy storage

Neat and Basic from Land of Nod

toy storage

Customize It at Pottery Barn Kids

toy storage

Affordabel Clean Design at IKEA

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