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The Kim Kardashian Effect: Presenting Positive Role Models to Our Tiny Dancers

boycott kim kardashian

I was perusing online today and came across a website called Boycott Kim – Kardashian that is. I suppose it’s been some time in the making and after the collapse of the 72 day marriage it seemed inevitable.  While I don’t have time to actively boycott Kim (not that I really buy any of her products anyway), I did find a moment to be amused by the site.  And then it made me think about how regardless of Kim’s shenanigans many, many young women look up to her – and even want to be like her.

As a mother, I find the proposition that little girls would want to grow up to be like Kim K. very disturbing.  After all, her claim to fame is a sex tape.  She can’t sing, dance, act – she has no talent – as Barbary Walters said.  She’s a terrible role model.  But all the blame can’t be put on Kim.

Young women and girls are constantly bombarded with messages like “good girls gone bad” and “well behaved women seldom make history”.  Sure well behaved women seldom make history – but that quote wasn’t written about women who make (and release) sex tapes, get into drunken bar brawls or call other women bitches based on a false sense of empowerment. Instead, I think of women like Rosa Parks who paid no mind to Jim Crow laws and sat at the front of the bus, or Susan B. Anthony who voted in a presidential election (and was arrested and fined) long before women had the right to vote.  Women who are drivers for social change and don’t accept the status quo are the women who are making history – not women like Kim K.

So what’s a mother to do?  Perhaps a bit of boycotting is in order.  I’m guilty of getting sucked into their television shows just as much as anyone else – their glossy hair, gorgeous clothes and immature antics pull you in.  But as a mom, I’ve decided that the best thing to do for the Tiny Dancer is to lead by example.  So, I change the channel whenever the Kardashians are on television – in a sense boycotting their shows.  When kids are young (pre-teen) and actually still think their parents are cool – it’s important to lead by example.  If mama doesn’t watch or want to be like Kim K., the tiny dancers will follow suit.

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