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5 Tips for Baby’s First Haircut

first hair cut

The Tiny Dancer was born with a lot of hair – more than most kids.  From a very early age people would ask me when I was going to cut her hair but I just wasn’t ready.  I didn’t want scissors anywhere near my child’s head and I had heard that her hair texture would change.  So, I kept it long and I always had barrettes to keep her hair out of her face and eventually graduated to pig tails.

When the Tiny Dancer was a baby she lost some hair but only in certain areas – so she ended up having hair of all different lengths and her hair was starting to look a little crazy.  Not only that but the length was also causing lots of knotting which was very painful for the Tiny Dancer when I combed her hair – no matter how much detangler I used.

I did some research to see what age is appropriate for the first haircut and there really is no “right” age.  Some people cut the hair at 6 months, others wait a few years.  Since her hair was getting out of control, when she was just one day shy of the 20-month mark, I took the Tiny Dancer to get her first haircut.

I found a children’s salon because I wanted people who were experienced cutting kid’s hair.  The salon was really cute and instead of chairs at each station they had various means of transport – cars, bikes, taxis – the kind you would see on a kiddie ride.  There were tons of toys at each station to keep the kids occupied, as well as toys in the waiting area.  The cut itself only took a few minutes and fortunately the Tiny Dancer didn’t cry.  She also didn’t sit still (she never does)!

I’m so happy that I had the Tiny Dancer’s hair cut.  Now, instead of a wild child she has the cutest curly bob.

Here are 5 tips to get you through your baby’s first hair cut…

1.  Find the right salon/person -  Find a salon or stylist that has experience working on kids – it’s totally different than cutting an adult’s hair and you’ll want someone who is patient and experienced.

2. Find an Optimal Time – Don’t go to the salon during feeding or nap time.  Make sure the child is fed, napped and in a clean diaper.  The fewer causes for a melt down, the better.

3. Bring Toys/Distractions – It’s always good to have your child’s favorite toys or snacks with you to help distract them during the cut.

4. Take pictures – This is a landmark occasion for your child!  Take pictures – lots of them!  I’m a little extreme but I had my video camera, DSLR and iPhone.

5. Save a lock of hair – Don’t forget to save a lock of hair for a keepsake!

first hair cut

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