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Canada Goose Fall 2012 Kid’s Collection

canada goose kids

I’m a sissy when it comes to cold so when I came across the Canada Goose booth I had to check out the coats. For over 50 years, Canada Goose has been the leader in extreme cold weather outerwear. If Canada Goose can keep scientists and military folks in Antarctica warm, then it’s good enough for the tiny ones.

What I love about Canada Goose is that purpose and function come first, and fashion follows. And though you would think that would make for boring jackets, it doesn’t. For example, Canada Goose down puffer jackets feature a 4th layer that goes over the quilted layer. It looks great because it adds a different dimension to a quilted down jacket but the real reason the 4th layer is there is to keep you warm. You see all those little holes made by the quilting in other down jackets? Cold air gets through them and by adding a 4th layer of fabric over the quilting Canada Goose has been able to resolve a problem and make it look cool. That’s just one example, but the whole collection has similar stories.

The kid’s collection features an adorable baby bunting (sleeping bag jacket), onesie, parka, snow pants and vest. To keep the kids safe in addition to being warm, the kid’s collection also features reflective piping since it gets dark so early in the winter.

If you live in a cold climate (or are visiting one) and you want to keep your little ones warm as they play in the snow check out Canada Goose. Find a Canada Goose retailer near you on the Canada Goose website.

canada goose kids

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