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Top 5 Daily “Small Wins” That Keep Me Happy & Healthy

After a year and a half I was able to finally lose those last five nasty pounds from the pregnancy that just would not go away. Since then, I’ve been able to keep them off because instead of “dieting” I’ve opted for “lifestyle change”. Here are my top five “small wins” that keep me healthy and smiling…

1. Juice for Breakfast – I start my day with a fresh juice that I make at home with my juicer. Starting the day off with all the nutrients and vitamins from the fruits and veggies invigorates me to take on the day and is surprisingly filling.

2. Eating Healthy – My new plan is to eat super healthy during the week and I’m allowed to have sweets and fun stuff on the weekends. Everything in moderation is ok, right? That means no processed foods, no soda, and no sweets during the week and on the weekend I can have all the pasta, bread and sweets that I want!

3. Daily Exercise – I used to hear people that said they missed exercising if they skipped a day and think they were crazy. Now I am one of those people. If you do something enough, and see the benefits, you start enjoying it. I exercise six days a week and whether it’s running, yoga or doing an exercise video, it helps me burn extra calories, gives me some me-time and clears my mind.

4. Afternoon Coffee – The health benefits of coffee are debated but I will say that a cup of coffee in the afternoon contributes to my mental health at the very least. It’s my little break in the day when I can sit back and sip on my favorite beverage, and get that pick me up that I so desperately need in the afternoon.

5. Family Hug – There’s no better way to end the day with a family hug. Before baby goes to bed, we have a family hug with myself, the Tiny Dancer and my husband. Nothing beats ending each day hugging and kissing the loves of my life.

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