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My First Car Story

first car story

Most people’s first car stories involve road trips, adventure and tales of friends piling in for fun night out on the town. My first car story is a little more tame. Although I got my driver’s license when I turned seventeen, I really didn’t start driving regularly – or even have my own car – until two years ago. For fifteen years I lived in cities and didn’t need a car. Two years ago we bought a house and moved to the suburbs because we were having a baby and couldn’t find a place that met our needs in SF (that was in our budget). Not only did I become a home owner, but I became a car owner all at once.

My car is a full on Mama Mobile – it doesn’t look like one per se – but it functions as one. I’ve fed the Tiny Dancer in the car and changed her diaper in there. We’ve gone to the park, the zoo and a Yo Gabba Gabba concert. The Tiny Dancer and I go on all sorts of adventures together in my car. The most important job of my first car is putting the baby to sleep – which is why I call it The Nap Whisperer.

The Tiny Dancer is a very active child and she never wants to take her naps. There’s just too much to see, do and experience! But baby needs her sleep so I’ve come up with a sneaky way of making sure she gets her naps in. Every day at the same time we go for a little ride around the block and within minutes – sometimes not even all the way around the block, sometimes 3 times around the block – the Tiny Dancer is sleeping soundly. The nap whisperer gives the Tiny Dancer the sleep she needs and the break I need.

Everyone loved their first car. No matter how beat up or broken down, it was a taste of freedom and you loved it. Even though it lasted only for a brief time, that emotional connection is an experience that unites us all. Check out my custom illustrated story, you can submit one too at www.firstcarstory.com and bring your story to life with animation and music and share it with your friends.

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