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Children’s Club FW12: Mini Maniacs Bibs

mini maniacs bibs
What’s one of the things that kids wear most? BIBS. For something that kids wear so much you would think there would be a ton of cute options but most bibs are pretty predictable they say stuff like “Mommy’s Angel” and “Daddy Loves Me”, etc. Not all of us need bibs to state the obvious. Some of us want to dress our kids with some style and personality. Thank goodness I found Mini Maniacs Bibs.

Mini Maniacs makes Bib Slicks – handmade fun bibs with mini inserts, cotton novelty fabric, a flexible vinyl covering and a mildew resistant black pleather backing. These are bibs that will last as long as they are cute. What’s the point of buying your kids cute outfits and covering them up with predictable bibs? Now the bibs can be the star of the outfit. The Mini Maniacs Bib Slicks retail for $20 which is not bad considering the amount of wear that you’ll get out of them. If your little ones are grown out of the bib phase, these bibs will always make a great gift for little kids or expectant moms.

mini maniacs bibs

mini maniacs bibs

mini maniacs bibs

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