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Petite Parade FW12: Lamantine Paris

lamantine paris

After a long day at the first day of shows at Petite Parade I was anxious to get back to my Tiny Dancer but I wanted to wait and see the last show Lamantine Paris, and I’m so glad I did. I was not familiar with the brand so I didn’t know what to expect but what I saw was whimsical, feminine, and bookish (in a good way). The clothing was relaxed and easy and could easily be worn to school, to a tea party with friends, to a dressy affair. The dresses and tops in silks looked so soft and hung beautifully. I especially loved the styling of the collection with flowers and twigs in the girls’ hair and that the girls walked barefoot with and a copper-ish powder highlighting the childrens’ skin as if they were fresh from playing outside in the woods.

View the final walk of the Lamantine Paris fall-winter 2012 collection below and click the first image below to view all the images in the gallery…

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