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Playtime New York FW12: Mademoiselle à Soho

mademoiselle a soho

Mademoiselle à Soho is an adorable line for boys and girls that is very polished without being stuffy – simply put, the collection was lovely.  The line is also endearing – see those adorable knit vests? Their knit by grandmothers – literally.  A knitting circle of grandmothers does all the knitting for Mademoiselle à Soho.  All of the other clothing is hand-made and they only use all-natural fibers.  A lot of thought is put into how kids wear the clothing and adjustments are made to accommodate kids.  One new feature is straps sewn inside of coats so that when kids aren’t wearing coats they can wear the coat like a backpack (or a superhero).  You can purchase the line on

mademoiselle a soho

mademoiselle a soho

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