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Roger Vivier Jeune Fille – Children’s Collection

Roger Vivier Jeune Fille Gommette
Every time I leave a pair of shoes laying around the Tiny Dancer swoops in, sticks her tiny feet in them and plops around the house in them. I’ve taken so many pictures of her when she does this and it never gets old to me. Every time I see her do it I run for my camera or phone.

Roger Vivier Jeune Fille Gommette

Roger Vivier has created a new collection for little girls called Jeune Fille – for all the little girls who like to wear their mama’s shoes, they now can wear the same exact ones. The Roger Vivier Jeune Fille collection features the Gommette in an array of bright colors. The children’s version is the same as mama’s with the exception of an optional ankle strap. If the shoes weren’t cute enough, another reason to purchase is that the proceeds are getting donated to several charities benefiting children.

Roger Vivier Jeune Fille Gommette

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