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Book Review: “Huff & Puff” by Claudia Rueda

huff and puff book review

I received a copy of Huff & Puff by Claudia Rueda from Abrams Appleseed so I gave it the best test I could – I sat down to read it to the Tiny Dancer and let her peruse it on her own. Huff & Puff is a variant of The Three Little Pigs story – one that is much more kid friendly and not nearly as scary. At each interval, the reader is invited to “huff & puff” the houses down which the Tiny Dancer loves participating in. We sit and huff & puff together until she giggles and flips the page.

huff and puff book review

The Tiny Dancer huffing and puffing away

I love Huff & Puff because it’s not as violent as the Three Little Pigs and the Tiny Dancer loves huffing and puffing. She now takes my hand and pulls me to the book shelf and reaches for this book for me to read to her. It’s definitely a new family favorite. You can buy Huff & Puff on

huff and puff book review

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