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Mirror, Mirror: Minnie Mouse Play Time

The Tiny Dancer is obsessed with Minnie Mouse.  She wakes up saying “Minnie!” and goes to bed saying “Minnie!” and every hour of the day I hear “Minnie!”.  The Tiny Dancer has also started making requests about what to wear.  She’s not really talking much, but she makes herself very clear.  If I choose a shirt she doesn’t approve of her protestations are loud and clear.  Any top with Minnie Mouse usually gets her seal of approval.  Here’s her Minnie Mouse play outfit that she’s wearing a lot these days…

Top: Minnie Mouse shirt, H&M Kids
Pants: Black ruffle butt leggings, Old Navy Kids
Shoes: Red Converse Chuck Taylor Highs
Hair: Red Bow old -school plastic barrette (like I had when I was a kid!)

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