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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party – Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

minnie mouse cupcakes

To celebrate the Tiny Dancer’s second birthday, I made Minnie Mouse-inspired cupcakes.  I love cooking but I’m definitely more of a savory cook than a baker so when it comes to baking – especially for others – I go with what I know works.  And for me, that’s Duncan Hines.  But please feel free to use your own cake and icing recipe – if you can whip that up from scratch and have it taste yummy then you are my idol.

I wanted to jazz up the cupcakes so I decided to get crafty.  I found a template online for cupcake wrapper – you can download it by visiting the post here.  Here are the steps to make the Minnie Mouse-inspired cupcakes:

Black Oak Tag Paper
Hot glue gun & glue sticks

1. Print the template.

2. Trace the template on the oak tag with pencil – to be safe trace the outlines on the back side of the paper.

3.  Cut out the wrappers by cutting alone the pencil outlines.

4.  Cut your ribbon to the size you need to make the bows and tie all of your bows.

5.  Heat up your glue gun.  Measure a wrapper around a cupcake and make a note of where to glue the wrapper closed.  Glue the ends of all of your wrappers.  Then glue the bows on the front cupcake wrapper (the back is the glued edge of the wrapper).

6.  Set the wrappers aside and let the glue dry.  Put the cupcakes in the wrappers after you have put the icing on them.

That’s it! I just added a candy heart to the top of the cupcake and you’re done :)

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