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Design Spotting: Finding Beauty in Nature’s Designs

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I’m a sucker for good design.  Whether it’s a beautifully plated meal, a clean typeface or distinguished architecture, I love to see good design at work.  My favorite designs though are the ones we find in nature – they are the blueprint for everything we see around us.

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From vibrant colors, varying textures, infinite shapes and sizes, nature provides us with the most beautiful designs.  Many of the designs we admire in our modern world in some way relate back to what we find in nature.  The spiraling structure of the Guggenheim Museum is reminiscent of a seashell and the main vault of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona mimics a forest.  Many women’s dresses often evoke flowers from the obvious tulip or petal skirts to more complex designs.  And let’s not forget Bjork’s swan dress!

rose dysondesign

I suppose it’s only natural that when we approach design – whether it’s products or structures – we instinctually are inspired by nature’s designs.  From flora and fauna, to sea and surf, our natural world is an infinite repository of design inspiration.  With the natural beauty that we are surrounded by, we have very high expectations to meet.

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