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Book Review: Hippopposites by Janik Coat

hippoposites janik coat book review

I recently received Hippoposites from Abrams Appleseed to review and so I gave it to the Tiny Dancer to test it out. Hippoposites is a book that explores opposites and vocabulary through sleek graphic design and a friendly hippopotamuses. Written and designed by Janik Coat, a French graphic designer, the striking images in the book are child-friendly and also appeal to design-savvy parents. The book is visual and tactile to help show rather than tell and gives Hippoposites interactive features. Hippoposites passed the Tiny Dancer test – she was engaged in the imagery and it’s a book that she can peruse on her own or I can sit down with her and go over all of the educational elements with her. You can find Hippoposites on

hippoposites janik coat book review

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