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Dreyer’s® Slow Churned Light Ice Cream & A Reason To Smile Program

dreyer's slow churned light ice cream

One of my favorite desserts – summer or otherwise – is ice cream. I definitely have my favorite flavors – but I really haven’t met a flavor or ice cream dessert that I didn’t like. A new-comer to the market, Dreyer’s® Slow Churned Light Ice Cream is rich and creamy and can be enjoyed alone or in a dessert. Here are my top 5 ways to enjoy Dreyer’s® Slow Churned Light Ice Cream:

1. Good ol’ Sundae – Maybe you’re a banana split person, maybe you’re just a hot fudge, whipped cream and cherry person (that’s me!), or maybe you’re a top your ice cream with anything you can find person – whatever floats your ice cream boat, the good ol’ sundae is my favorite way to enjoy ice cream.

2. Ice Cream Sandwich – This is really popular with the little ones. What kid doesn’t like cookies? and ice cream? Whether you bake or buy your cookies, take two and spread some ice cream in between and you have a delicious treat. Roll the sides in some sprinkles or nuts for bonus points.

3. Milk Shake – When I was a kid, the only way my mom could get me to eat was with milk shakes. She would sneak an egg in the mix for extra nutrition. I skip the egg these days but I’m a sucker for a burger with a shake – anyday.

4. On Something Warm and Gooey – What’s better than plain ice cream? Ice cream on something warm and gooey like a brownie, cherry cobbler, apple pie, or fried bananas just to name a few. I can’t think of one dessert that isn’t good with ice cream.

5. Affogato – This one’s for the grown ups who love coffee. It’s very simple but decadently delicious. You take vanilla ice cream and pour hot espresso over it for pure heaven. I’m not a huge Italian dessert fan but this is my absolute favorite.

dreyer's slow churned light ice cream

To make things sweeter, visit the Dreyer’s® A Reason To Smile Program and upload a photo of your ice cream smile to Dreyer’s® Facebook Page and for every photo uploaded, Slow Churned will donate $5 to Operation Smile. By the end of the summer, the goal is to give away more than 25,000 scoops of ice cream, capture 25,000 ice cream smiles and gift 500 surgeries/smiles to children in-need.

With the temperatures rising I hope you find plenty of time to enjoy the pleasures of ice cream in all of it’s different forms!

dreyer's slow churned ice cream

Brand Statement: Dreyer’s® Slow Churned Light Ice Cream is churned slowly for all the rich & creamy taste of regular ice cream, but with half the fat and one-third fewer calories. Now that’s a reason to smile. Give a smile with Operation Smile:

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nestle via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nestle.

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