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It’s a Lego World! Cool Lego-Inspired Designs

lego life size forestLego life-size forest in the Australian Outback -via DesignBoom

I came across two Lego-inspired designs made for adults recently and it motivated me to find out what else has been inspired by the iconic children’s blocks. It turns out a lot of products are inspired by Lego’s. I guess there’s big kid in all of us that just wants to keep on building. From watches and boomboxes to USB hubs and iPhone cases – there’s a lego inspired product for most gadgets. My personal favorites are ones that revolve around food in some way (of course!) – especially the Lego-inspired cake, candles and utensils. Check out my favorites – including the life-size Lego forest built in the Australian outback to commemorate Lego’s 50 years in Australia.

lego bridge Painted Lego bridge in Germany via Fubiz

lego cake utensils candles and ice tray From top left: Lego-inspired candles, Lego-inspired utensil set, Lego-inspired cake, Lego ice tray

lego lamp usb and iphone case From top left: Lego-inspired USB hub, Lego-inspired iPhone case, Lego-inspired lamps

lego watch boombox and clock radio From top: JC/DC Lego-inspired watch, Lego boombox, Lego clock radio

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