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Mirror, Mirror: The Tiny Dancer Reading and Dancing

The Tiny Dancer does not sit still – except when she’s absorbed in a book. She’s too young to read but she
gets so into flipping the pages and looking at the imagery that sometimes it looks like she’s actually reading. Yesterday while on Skype with Nonna, the Tiny Dancer did what she usually does – she dances for Nonna and shows her all of her toys and books. Every few minutes she leaves the room with new treats to show Nonna – it’s like her personal show & tell hour. It was hard to get images of the Tiny Dancer in action because she moves so fast (and runs when she sees a camera pointed at her) but you can get the idea. Here’s her outfit from head to toe…

Hair: Bow from Claire’s
Jumpsuit: babyGap Jumpsuit
Socks: Hello Kitty Socks
Shoes: Keds Sneakers

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