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Top 5 Tips for Staying Organized Throughout the School Year

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Being the Head Mama in Charge means making sure everything happens, when it’s supposed to happen – for everyone in the household. Sometimes it can be overwhelming but if you are prepared then you can handle anything. Here are my five top tips for staying organized throughout the school year.

Make a List and Check it Twice
I make lists for everything – including this post! Ha! There is no way that I could remember every detail of everything that I had to get done if I didn’t write it down. One example is my grocery list. I make one large trip to the grocery store each week and if it weren’t for my grocery list I’d be making daily trips to the store. And don’t forget to add things to the list before you run out completely. One good rule is to add something to the list when you start using the last one you have in stock. I buy those pads of paper with magnets on the back and keep the pad on my fridge so I know where to find it. What feels better thank crossing something off a list? Not much!

Mark It in the Calendar
My phone serves many purposes and one of them is my calendar. I put everything in my calendar along with two alerts to remind me beforehand. School, swimming lessons and doctor’s appointments all get input into the calendar. You know those little cards they give you at the doctor’s office to remind you of your next appointment? I skip those, save a bit of paper, and put the appointment directly into my phone. I do miss the days of my planner (it’s another place to cross things off a list!) but the convenience of using my phone calendar trumps all.

Prep the Night Before
Do what you can the night before. Select the next day’s outfit, prep snacks and lunch and get the backpacks ready. The last thing I want to do when I’m half-awake is debate with my daughter about what she wants to wear to school and eat for lunch. And who wants to run around the house gathering all of your lil’ ones things that are supposed to be in his/her backpack? Get all of that out of the way the night before so you can get up start the day without a headache.

Set the Alarm & Skip the Snooze Button
I’m guilty of this one – that’s why I know it’s important! It’s one thing to hit snooze when it’s just yourself that you have to get ready. When it’s you and a lil’ one (or two, or three) then hitting the snooze button is just not an option. Any pleasure you derive from an extra 10 minutes of half-sleep will be swept away immediately as you run around like a mad woman trying to get everyone ready. It’s just not worth it!

File It Where You Can Find It
School means a whole new set of paperwork for another person. Start a file to keep all of the important documents regarding the school session where you can find them. Report cards, permission slips, medical reports – keep them all handy in one place so you know where to find them when you need them. If you have more than one child in school, keep separate files to keep things organized.

I hope you found these tips helpful – they should help keep your family organized throughout the school year. These five little fixes don’t really take much extra time but they definitely end up saving you a lot of time and headaches. You can also check out my school essentials on my Back to School Essentials Pinterest board and be sure to follow me at :)

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