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5 Reasons Why Jet Blue Is Best for Flying Families

jet blue best for families
I usually fly Jet Blue with the Tiny Dancer but I recently had to travel with her for work and tickets were purchased for us on different airlines (United and American Airlines). After having to change her diaper without changing tables during the flight and even not allowed to pre-board (I’m looking at you American Airlines), my decision to fly Jet Blue has been solidified. Here are my top 5 reasons that Jet Blue is the best for flying families.

1. Pre-boarding
I feel like this used to be widespread among airlines but now it seems like a luxury. Jet Blue understands that walking down the jetway with a stroller, car seat, carry on luggage and a child can be unruly and cumbersome and they give you the extra time (and space) to get yourself situated. It’s hard enough to do all that – add a gush of passengers to the mix and it’s double trouble.

2. Snacks and snacks and snacks
No, I don’t expect a meal on a flight anymore and I always buy lunch to take with us on the flight. But snacks don’t hurt. And I’m not talking any snacks. I’m talking very kid-friendly animal crackers, chocolate chip cookies, blue chips! I don’t usually let the Tiny Dancer indulge in all these sweets on a normal basis – but being locked on a plane for five hours with a child who could potentially start screaming and causing a scene is not a normal situation. I haven’t met a situation that a cookie can’t fix!

3. Changing tables
I can’t believe that it’s 2012 and many airplanes don’t have changing tables in their bathrooms! I know some airlines have older planes but is it really that hard to add on? It’s hard enough changing a child in cramped quarters – imaging doing it without a surface! It’s not fun (for mom or child), believe me, I had to do it and this reason alone is enough to fly Jet Blue.

4. Cartoons
Every seat has a screen. That means the Tiny Dancer can watch Nickelodeon and I can watch the Food Network. Need I say more?

5. First Bag Free
Airlines are charging for just about everything but Jet Blue lets you check your first bag for free. That’s a savings of at least $25 (a baggage fee at other airlines). If your child is ticketed that means they get their own bag which is great because 10days worth of diapers takes up a lot of valuable space!

I’ve been traveling quite a bit with the Tiny Dancer – she’s been flying regularly since she was 6 months old (I may have to start calling her Tiny Jetsetter). After experiencing flights on a bunch of airlines, there’s no question in my mind that Jet Blue is the best airline for flying families.

Happy and safe travels to you!

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