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LensCrafters – Finding the Right Glasses Online


I haven’t bought a pair of new glasses in over two-years so when I had the opportunity to get a pair from LensCrafters and test out their website and fitting process, I said “yes, please!”

I usually have a pretty good idea of what kind of glasses I want to get before I even get to the store but this time I’m pretty open to style and color. After having the same kinds of glasses for the last few years (tortoise frames) I’m open to trying something new (maybe red?). The LensCrafters website has great new tools to help you start the glasses selection process so I jump started my search by checking out frames online.

I started the process by answering a series of questions about my style and preferences and LensCrafters came up with suggested styles and lenses based on the answers I gave regarding my face shape, style and lense preferences. I have to say that the LensCrafters site gave me some good suggestions. Nothing beats actually going to a LensCrafters location to check out the styles but the suggestions were a good start. If you don’t want suggestions and just want to peruse the product selections, you can also narrow down your search by choosing specific colors, shapes or brands.

LensCrafter LensSimulator

Next, I chose my lense preferences and viewed the LensSimulator which was a great help. In the past when I’ve bought glasses sales people have listed all of the options I could add on my lenses and I usually just go for the lightest-weight lenses because my prescription is very strong and because all of the add-on features get pricey. With the LensSimulator you are able to see the results of added features on the lenses. After viewing the LensSimulator I know for sure that I want the LC Signature HD lense which also includes an anti-reflective coating.

lenscrafters accufit

The most exciting development I learned about on line is the Accufit™ Digital Measurement System – a measuring system exclusive to LensCrafters. If you’ve been measured for glasses you know that when you are ordering your lenses you have to try the frames on and the sales associate finds the place on the lense where your pupil lines up. Since human error can factor into this process, LensCrafters has developed the Accufit™ Digital Measurement System – a state-of-the-art digital technology that measures the relationship between your eyes, face, and frame to more accurately place your prescription in your lenses for clear, crisp vision. The Accufit™ Digital Measurement System takes the guess work out of perfecting your vision by providing measurements that are five times more precise than the manual method.

The last new feature that I can’t wait to try in store is the Virtual Mirror. Since I’ve been wearing glasses since the fifth-grade I’ve learned to wear contact lenses when I go frames shopping so that I could actually see what the frames look like on me! But if you don’t wear contacts, or forget to wear them frames shopping LensCrafters has developed the Virtual Mirror. AccuFit™ is fitted with a high-definition digital camera so the sales associate can take pictures of you wearing different looks from different angles. Then you can examine them side-by-side and decide on a style with better confidence. I can be really indecisive so this can help regardless of me wearing contacts or not!

I’ll be heading down to LensCrafters next week and I’ll follow-up and tell you how the Accufit™ Digital Measurement System worked for me. Until then, if you want to learn more check out the LensCrafters Accufit™ Facebook page to take a fun survey and watch a video of how Accufit™ works.

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LensCrafters offers a clearly different optical experience by helping you find your perfect pair of eyeglasses that allows you to see 5x clearer.

Compensation was provided by LensCrafters via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of LensCrafters.

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