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Finding Your Way to Om – Earth Yoga Clothing Review

earth yoga drop tail hoodie

I used to love practicing yoga and when I was pregnant I continued my practice and did pre-natal yoga everyday.  Yoga gave me a feeling of strength, calm and inner peace.  Once I had the Tiny Dancer I had to stop because my carpal tunnel got out of control and having my wrists flexed in downward dog or plank was not helping the situation – that and I had no time to go to a yoga studio to take classes.  Since then, my carpal tunnel is not as bad and the Tiny Dancer started Montessori school a few days a week so it seems the time is ripe for me to start practicing again.  When I was contacted by Earth Yoga Clothing to review their yoga clothing I thought it was perfect timing because I needed new yoga gear.

earth yoga harmony tee

Earth Yoga Clothing was really generous and they let me choose the items to review so I opted for the Om Capri, Drop Tail Hoodie and Yoga Harmony Tee.  Last Wednesday was my first day back to class and I wore all three items.  I usually wear capri pants and a tee/tank for the class but I always start off with an outer layer until I warm up.

earth yoga clothing om capri

The Om capri pants were really comfortable and I loved the button detail in the back.  The Yoga Harmony tee was also really comfy and I loved that it was fitted because I hate when you wear a baggy tee and it ends up in your face in the downward dog pose.  The burn-out detail was really cool and the words on the tee get you in the mood for yoga.  The Drop Tail Hoodie was a different item for me – I’ve never worn one like it but I really liked it.  It was the perfect weight – just heavy enough to get you warmed up without overheating.  The vibrant purple color was really pretty and welcome change since I’m always in black.  I always put on another layer for Shavasana because I get cold in corpse pose (go figure) and the hood was extra long so I was able to pull it over and cover my eyes (awesome!).  I also loved that the tail is longer so my bottom was covered and I felt comfortable going to the farmer’s market in my workout gear without feeling self-conscious.

All of the items were really comfortable and you can wear them seamlessly from class to run errands.  The best part of Earth Yoga is that the fabrics are organic and sustainable, while also being affordable.  You can feel good about what you’re wearing while you achieve inner peace.   Namaste.

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