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Play Time With Lego Duplo

lego duplo play

One of my favorite childhood toys were Legos. I remember building places for my little Lego people and I especially loved the funny little hats that my little Lego people wore. Fast-forward thirty years and when I had the Tiny Dancer one of the first toys I wanted to get her were Legos. I was happy to learn that since the time I played with them, Lego introduced a line of blocks for younger children – Lego Duplo.

lego duplo play

Lego Duplo blocks were one of the first toys we bought for the Tiny Dancer because the beauty of Lego toys is that they are gender-neutral and they inspire creativity. Legos are a wonderful toy to entertain the imaginations of little ones while they play, explore and develop their multiple senses. The Tiny Dancer creates her own world with Lego Duplos and she can play by herself or with us. Sometimes I wonder who likes playing with the Legos more – my husband or the Tiny Dancer. When I was approached by Lego Duplo to buy more Lego Duplo sets for the Tiny Dancer there was no hesitation – I already knew that we were fans.

lego duplo play

Courtesy of Lego, I purchased the Lego Duplo Read & Build Let’s Go! Vroom, Lego Duplo Read & Build Grow Caterpillar Grow! and the Lego Duplo Large Brick Box.

lego duplo play

The Read & Build sets are a great way to interact with the little ones. Each set comes with a story book and lego pieces. As you read the story, you are prompted to build characters in the story. The Grow Caterpillar Grow! story tells the growth story of a caterpillar and her outdoor friends. Let’s Go! Vroom! allows kids to build vehicles like cars and planes. At the moment, the Tiny Dancer loves vehicles and animals so I focused on those two stories. She didn’t have any of the Read & Build toys her in collection but she really enjoys the stories. It’s a great way for us to play together and she could hear the story over and over and not get tired of it.

lego duplo play

We already had some Lego Duplo sets so I also bought the large brick box so she could have more building blocks to add to her other sets. She has a great time with her papa playing with them but sometimes I’ll find her sitting in her room by herself just building stuff on her own. She’s two-and-a-half now and she’s starting to interact with her toys more and I love seeing her role play.

The Tiny Dancer loves her Lego Duplo sets and I’m sure we’ll keep adding to her arsenal of building blocks. She (and her dad) have years of fun ahead of them and the building and playing opportunities are endless.

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by LEGO DUPLO via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of LEGO DUPLO.

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