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Sneaker Wedges for Kids: Too Much Too Soon?

hello kitty sneakers sneaker wedges for kids

While I was in Las Vegas at the shoe show, I came across a booth of Hello Kitty sneakers so naturally, I was drawn to the booth. There were hundreds of new Hello Kitty styles for kids – too many pink ones for my taste though, I would have preferred to see more styles in primary colors. But pinkness aside, what really piqued my curiosity were sneaker wedges for kids.

The sneaker wedge has taken over as the “fashion” sneaker for women. While I don’t understand the concept of a sneaker wedge for women (WHY take something comfortable and make it uncomfortable?), I absolutely abhor the idea for children.

More and more our kids are growing up much faster than generations prior and I’m starting to wonder why we’re so intent on taking away childhood. Kids should be running, jumping, chasing and exploring. How is a kid supposed to do that in sneaker wedges? Would you let your child wear heels? Why are sneaker wedges any different? And don’t get me started about sexualizing little girls at younger and younger ages. Slapping Hello Kitty on the sneaker doesn’t change what it is – a heeled shoe for kids.

I know where I stand on sneaker wedges for kids. What do you think about them? Am I over-exaggerating? Too sensitive? What’s your take?

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