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Photo Print Trompe L’oeil Bedding from Snurk

princess bedding snurk

Cartoon characters and pink galore – that’s usually what you’ll find when it comes to girls’ bedding. Dutch company Snurk has taken trompe l’oeil to a new level with its realistic photographs printed on bedsheets. Snurk has bedding for with a Princess gown printed on a duvet cover along with a matching tiara on a pillowcase, so that when you’re little princess (or prince) decides to dose off to sleep they will be properly outfitted. Interested in going to the moon and being the next Dr. Sally Ride? Well, then there’s the Astronaut bedding with a space suit printed on it. Finally, for your little monkeys that are always jumping on the bed there’s the trampoline print. No matter what your kids are into, there will be something they like. You can purchase the bedding on

astronaut bedding snurk

trampoline bedding snurk

Source: Child Mode

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