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<em>Lucky Kids</em> for Stylish Moms

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Lucky Kids for Stylish Moms

Lucky Kids Magazine is out now

Lucky Kids Magazine is out now

It must have been my lucky day because my mailbox contained not one, but TWO Lucky magazines.  I have a subscription to the shopping and style mag, and was quite delighted to see that the extra magazine was the first issue of Lucky Kids.  How perfect is it that the premier issue is for Spring?

I’ve had my fair share of kid-related magazine subscriptions when my little one was younger, but now, everything in those mags seems too babyish for our lives now that she’s 10.  But in flipping through Lucky Kids, it’s refreshing to see that this magazine is very much a fashion magazine, only with a focus on the kiddos.

The content in this spring issue covers everything from shopping suggestions for lunch boxes, whimsical room decor, and even a mommy care section.  The fashion editorials feature school-aged children, which is a sigh of relief for me because every time I see cutesy clothes for the tiny tots, I can’t help but reminisce when my girl was that small.  But for the mommies with little ones, don’t worry because there are plenty of toy and fashion suggestions for babies and toddlers.

I won’t spoil the whole issue for you, but one thing to note is that instead of the random child-related advertisements for x-product, Lucky Kids has full-page ads for the kid-sized brands that you wear, or wish you could wear (hello, J-Lo and the Twins for Gucci)!  I love looking at the kiddy ads because it’s so interesting to see how these big time brands style these cute little models and advertise to the fashion-loving mommies.

The Lucky Kids magazine is a supplement to Lucky Magazine, so you can keep up with fashions for you and your family in the print form.  Check it out on the news stands now!

Looks like M.I.S.S. isn’t the only media coming out with something for the mamas!


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