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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother's day gift ideas Clockwise from top left: Tiffany Pearl earrings, Tiffany Mom charm and necklace, Louis Vuitton bracelet, Asiya Nameplate, David Yurman silver ring.

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me – you probably haven’t gotten your mom a gift yet. It’s not that you don’t appreciate your mom, you’re just so busy being a mom. I know, I get it. So, I thought I’d hit 2 birds with one stone and throw out some ideas for mother’s day gifts that our moms would love – and that we would love receiving. Either way, everybody wins!

For mother’s day, you can’t go wrong with a spa treatment – or if that’s too pricey – then spa products. I don’t know a woman that doesn’t like pampering. In fact, at the top of my list is a Fully Loaded Facial from Bliss Spa. Also along the line of pampering is fragrance – perfume, candles and the like. Department stores have great deals on fragrance for Mother’s Day – if your mom likes perfume you can get her a nice gift set that comes with body lotion, etc. Finally, Estee Lauder always has pretty compacts available – and all ladies need to powder their nose at some point.

You also can’t go wrong with jewelry. Tiffany has simple, elegant pieces for under $200 and Louis Vuitton has fun costume jewelry if your budget is a little spendier. The best mom-related piece of jewelry I received was a nameplate with my daughter’s name on it. I’m a big nameplate person (I got my first for my Sweet Sixteen) and having my daughter’s nameplate is special to me now, and is something I can pass on to her. Custom jewelry is always the best kind.

I hope that I was able to help with some ideas for gifts for your mom. Remember, whatever you do end up getting, I’m sure your mom will love it. Wouldn’t you love anything that your beautiful kids got you? :)

mother's day gift ideas Clockwise from top left: Bliss Spa, Chanel Beige, Guerlain Shalimar, Estee Lauder compact, Bliss spa products.


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David Yurman Mother’s Day Contest

Mother’s add love to everything they do. They are full of laughter and dream only the best for their children. Mother’s Day is an unforgettable holiday, a time of commemoration for mothers everywhere. It’s a time of breakfasts in bed, homemade cards with “I Love You’s” scribbled in marker and crayons and family gatherings. What is your most favorite Mother’s Day memory?

David Yurman was founded in 1980 and the company has been a part of all of life’s major milestones including countless graduations, special engagements and weddings, thoughtful anniversaries, and loving Mother’s and Father’s Days, among others. This year, David Yurman’s Mother’s Day Collection is made up of specially curated gifts for the amazing women in your life: http://www.davidyurman.com/giftfinder/. What’s even more exciting is that as a special thanks to our Facebook fans, one lucky winner will win a Diamond Cable Pearl Ring from our Mother’s Day Collection, curated by our Mother’s Day bloggers!

You can enter for a chance to win a Diamond Cable Pearl Ring from our Mother’s Day Collection here: http://on.fb.me/mbudt0.


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Celebrate Mother’s Day with $25 off!


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